A brilliant & inspiring look

DECO Glitter Coat – Glitter for Stars

Whether sophisticated and elegant or shrill and crazy – Glitter Coat gives your product a completely new character that immediately catches the end customer’s eye. Festive occasions, special editions or simply joie de vivre – the application options are virtually endless.

We can position your unforgettable brand message on transparent or coloured glass, combined with print or a label.

Various finishing options:
Whether on clear glass or coated, whether printed or with a label – develop your product into an irresistible eyecatcher at the point of sale!

Advantages of DECO Glitter Coat:

  • High-quality, sophisticated look with eyecatcher guarantee
  • Reflections and lustre effects bring the bottle to life
  • The top coat prevents glitter from rubbing off during further processing
  • Extensive colour range
  • Can be combined with coatings, screen printing & labels


Please contact us to discuss your design requirements.