Exclusive design. Individually unique.

DECO Individual Line

Every bottle is an original. With our new DECO Individual Line technology, it is possible to produce unique band shapes within a single production.
Choose up to two colours from a wide spectrum and refine your bottles lengthwise or crosswise. This exclusive method enables every bottle to have a distinctive look and thus becomes an exclusive, unique item


Extraordinary effects can be created by combining DECO Individual Line with coating, screen-printing and labelling.

DECO Individual Line –
A new finishing process with many advantages:

  • Every bottle is an original
  • Versatile possibilities: band application is possible above or below the coating
  • Wide colour spectrum, from which up to 2 colours can be combined
  • Band arrangement lengthwise or crosswise - you choose
  • A completely new accent in coating: particularly suitable in combination with coating, printing and labelling.

100% recyclable – At DECO GLAS we use glass bottles because it protects the environment and the flavour of your beverage.


You are searching for a brilliant appearance of your brand? DECO GLAS can help you to wrap your packaging in a premium design.