Sleeving Glass Bottles


You want your product to look good, always and everywhere. Shrink sleeves wrap around your bottles like a second skin, adapting to the contours of the bottles. Sleeves provide space for endless design variety and your advertising message all over. They turn your glass bottle into unique branded packaging.

You can wrap the glass container completely with a full body sleeve or only a section with a partial sleeve, adding a viewing window to allow consumers to see the contents. You decide what looks best on your product. Deco Glas uses modern sleeve systems and innovative sleeve technology to implement your ideas.


Sleeving – whether full body or partial – can be combined with further DECO GLAS processes such as l labelling kombinieren.

Sleeving – The Process

The raw glass.

Raw Glass


Our Technology

Your product.

Your Product

Benefits of the Sleeving Technology:

  • Endless design variety and design ideas
  • Flexible adaptation to various bottle shapes
  • Complete colour selection
  • Full body or partial decoration, window technique
  • Can be combined with labelling

100% recyclable – At DECO GLAS we use glass bottles because it protects the environment and the flavour of your beverage.


Do you need space and maximum freedom of design? DECO GLAS can also support you with the design and procurement of sleeves.