Greatness through uniqueness

High tech in the decoration of glass packaging

Having a look at the shelves at the point of sale, brand variety that attracts consumers’ attention is amazing. Each brand presents itself in a very individual and specific way. That is how brands communicate with potential customers.

Creating unique brands from glass packaging – this is DECO GLAS’ core competence for 50 years.

Today DECO GLAS located in Montabaur is a leading service provider in decorating glass packaging. Regionally positioned, the company is a globally recognized partner of the beverage, food and pharma industry.

Let us share the passion for uniqueness.
Creating brand appearance – attracting customers.

50 Years DECO GLAS

Peter Böttger

DECO GLAS GmbH is primarily the work of Peter Böttger. He founded his company in 1971. In his small workshop in Selters in the German Westerwald region, he started out with splinter protection coatings for the company Merck. It soon became evident that Peter Böttger had discovered a market niche: complex, customised glass decorations in large numbers and for the highest requirements.

Today DECO GLAS is a European market leader for the decoration of glass packaging, exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. DECO GLAS has been setting standards for 50 years and has made a name for itself as a catalyst in the industry. Peter Böttger's motto: “If the solution does not yet exist, we just have to invent it!”

The owner-managed company, which now has its headquarters in Montabaur, has combined state-of-the-art technology and an informal work atmosphere into a successful concept. Continuous investments in high-tech machines and the knowledge and commitment of the entire team allow DECO GLAS to provide its customers with the advantage they need to excel on the market.

Do you want to make sure that your idea works? – Then DECO GLAS is just the right partner for you.

Everything begins with an idea. Then you have to explore this idea further, develop visions and start implementing them with a great deal of obsession and passion – and always at full speed! (Peter Böttger)

Peter Böttger,
Founder & Director / CEO