Glass recycling is a practical form of environmental protection

Glass is a statement for sustainability. In comparison to other packaging materials, glass can be recycled as often as desired and used again without compromising its clarity, purity or quality. This is therefore a perfect material cycle! As a natural resource, glass is also very environmentally and climate friendly.

Glass – completely on trend

Glass packaging is modern and future-oriented. With glass packaging, you meet the desire for safe foodstuff and ecological consumption. Glass as packaging is a first-class material for reducing waste and it protects the environment due to its special properties. It is no wonder that this substance is one of the oldest materials used by humankind.

Infinitely recyclable

Glass is 100% recyclable. On average, every bottle today is made from 60 to 90% old glass, depending on its colour. Glass can be reused as often as desired, without losing its quality and purity.

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