Glass Recycling & Environmental Protection


Glass is a statement. The decision for glass as a packaging material is a decision for quality and sustainability. DECO GLAS has believed in this natural product for 50 years – because it protects not only the environment but also the flavours inside.

Perpetually recyclable: Glass can be recycled to 100 per cent. On average, modern glass bottles consists of 60% recycled glass, for some colours even up to 90%. Glass can be recycled countless times, maintaining the same level of quality and purity.

Forever successful: Glass is one of the oldest materials used by mankind. As a packaging material it is gastight and flavourless and does not interact with other materials. Glass protects the quality of food and the health of consumers.

Packaging All-rounder – Glass!

 An all-round packaging talent – glass!
  • 100% protection for food (absolutely gastight)
  • 100% recyclable (0% loss of quality or purity)
  • 100% natural product (used as a material for millennia)
  • 100% flavourless
  • 100% inert (0% exchange with other substances)

Do you have any questions about the sustainability of glass and the branding of glass packaging? DECO GLAS will be happy to provide details on decoration and advice on sustainability across the entire processing chain.