Coating Glass Bottles


DECO GLAS has been using the powder coating process for 50 years. As a customer, you can benefit from our experience and from our latest developments. For the coating specialists at DECO GLAS are at the forefront when it comes to attractive and functional glass coating.

The frosting process gives sparkling wine / champagne bottles, wine bottles and other bottles the popular frosted look and a comfortable, velvety touch. Coloured designs, colour transitions as well as partial and base coatings are particularly effective. UV coatings protect sensitive contents to provide a pure taste sensation.


The coating – whether matt, high gloss, transparent or opaque – can be combined with other DECO GLAS technologies, especially with labelling or printing.

Coating glass bottles

Coating – The Process


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Benefits of the Coating Technology:

  • Frosted, metallic or stoneware effectt
  • Transparent, translucent, opaque, matt or high gloss
  • Colour transitions, partial and base coatings
  • UV protection, 100% light protection, splinter protection, higher internal pressure stability
  • Can be combined with labelling or printing


Are you looking for an effect that stands out and feels good? DECO GLAS can provide information about coating options.