Printing Glass Bottles


When colour meets glass and both unite, a simple and in itself unimpressive bottle turns into a real brand packaging. From that moment on, bottle and message are inseparable. DECO GLAS realises your idea, using modern screen-printing technology – whether all around, multi-coloured, bold or filigree, and from large to small.

The innovative DECO Touch technique makes textures, fonts and logos perceptible by the sense of touch, thus providing a chance for customer-oriented haptic communication, as for example with Braille and embossing.

Organic printing offers an almost endless variety of colours and effects while with ceramic printing, precious metals such as real gold or platinum can be added. Ceramic printing is extremely resistant against abrasion which makes it the ideal surface finish for high-quality reusable packaging.


Printing, be it organic or ceramic, can be combined with other DECO GLAS technologies such as coating and labelling.

Printing – The Process


Raw Glass


Our Technology

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Benefits of the Printing Technology:

  • 360° finish, even unusual bottle shapes
  • Printing of haptic elements (Braille, textures, logotypes) possible
  • Vast range of colours available, high colour brilliance
  • High abrasion resistance, suitable for reusable packaging
  • Production on CNC-controlled precision equipment
  • Can be combined with coating or labelling and DECO MetalCoat

100% recyclable – At DECO GLAS we use glass bottles because it protects the environment and the flavour of your beverage.


Do you prefer to stand out? DECO GLAS can advise you on which printing process is the best for your idea.